About Us


Kalash Seeds Pvt. Ltd.operations started at Jalna District of Maharashtra in India. This was the time when limited vegetable seeds knowledge was available in India. Founder of the company Mr. Suresh O. Agrawal with his great vision to fulfill the need of quality vegetable seeds, started vegetable seed research in short day Onion, Chilli pepper, Tomato, Brinjal, Okra, Cucumber, Melons, Gourds and other vegetable crops with strong understanding of local climatic conditions and diverse choice with various regions of India.

Mr. Suresh Agrawal had a vision for future need of quality vegetable seeds for the farmers of India. He has identified the scope of serving Indian farmers for the betterment of the farmer's life which directly and indirectly contributes the development of country. It was the time when there was very less known about vegetable crop breeding. Open pollinated seeds were routinely being used for vegetable cultivation and most of temperate vegetable seeds were being imported from European countries and marketed in India. Mr. Suresh Agrawal was also involved in this business of importing open pollinated seeds and selling to farmers of India. However he realized the need of good research activities for delivering quality seeds to Indian Farmers.

Kalash Seeds Pvt. Ltd. initially gave full emphasis on research and development activities only. Keeping research scope on vegetables in mind, Bejo Sheetal extended hands with Tata group of companies i.e. Rallies India Ltd. for marketing of vegetable seeds in India and SAARC countries. In 1998 Bejo Sheetal decided to enter in marketing of own research hybrids, this not only helped the company in promoting its own hybrids but also bought the company in close contacts with the farmers of India and other countries. Since then company has never looked back and has grown steadily and became very strong to be amongst leaders in Indian vegetable seed sector.


arrow To be a professional Sales Company and professional advisors to farmers
arrow Give best quality products to our farmers

arrow Do extensive product trials and field activity which will ultimately benefit the farmers


arrow F1 Hybrid Onion Sales target 500 tons in shortest time
arrow Be No. 1 in chilli in India across all segments and areas
arrow To grow at 30 to 35% every year.
arrow To Create an enviroment which will facilitate the employees to grow in their careers and groom their personality.