R & D


Our parent company M/s Bejo sheetal Seeds is dedicated for developing quality vegetable seeds for the farmers of India and SAARC countries using its excellence in breeding for tropical crops & temperate crops. Focused and strategic research is our base for continual success in providing the appropriate products of beyond expected quality vegetable seeds to the farmers of India and other countries of the world. Kalash Seeds is involved in tropical vegetable crop marketing where company has strong channel network in almost all vegetable growing states of India, The company research activities are always oriented with farmer's requirements considering the fast changing climatic conditions. Besides the market demands are changing from time to time, we are trying to cater by marketing the products for "YOUNG and Innovative Farmers demands" Kalash seeds is giving emphasis on research for developing nutritionally improved, insect, pest, disease tolerant, & high yielding quality vegetable seeds for the farmer's betterment leading to prosperous India. We have setup good R&D department to fulfill the requirement of world demands.

We have developed more than 1000 research hybrids and varieties of vegetables and are available for commercial cultivation keeping the region wise choice of farmers and consumers. We provide all kinds of vegetable seeds Tropical, temperate and hobby crop and ornamental seeds. We keep the pace with global need and demand of modern biotechnology for agriculture crop and vegetable improvement by devoting our self in developing technologies of global standard. We also collaborate with National and International premium Institutes for supplying the quality technology aided seed with affordable price.


We focus on developing high yielding, nutritionally improved, long term insect tolerant, disease tolerant, multi-disease tolerant value added vegetable seeds varieties for the farmers of India and other parts of the world. Experienced and qualified scientists are dedicatedly engaged in developing new hybrid varieties of regional choice at our various research stations. Our research activities are spread over 200 ha land and 8 ha of polyhouse at six major locations in India at Jalna, Maharashtra head quarters for research in coordination with other five stations in Guntur & Vijayawada-Andhra Pradesh, Varanasi-Utter Pradesh, Calcutta-West Bebgal, Himachal Pradesh and Bangalore-Karnataka, Bhuvaneshwar-Orisa. More than 15 qualified breeders team with the support of more than 20 field executives are involved in breeding research. Besides we have research trial centers at another 10-15 locations in India.



Our Breeding team is supported by different laboratories ie. Molecular Marker, Genetic Engineering, plant pathology, Dihaploid and Plant Tissue Culture. Our research center is recognized by Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR) since 1997.



Areas of Interest:
Our breeding team is dedicated for developing Hybrid vegetable seeds with value added traits using conventional breeding and advanced Biotechnology tools for disease tolerance like viral, fungal, bacterial, insect pest resistance like fruit borer, fruit & shoot borer, sucking pest, etc. and nutritionally rich hybrid varieties suitable for the regional climatic conditions with regional choice