Tomato, a warm season vegetable, is grown extensively in cool season also. The optimum temperature required for its cultivation is 15°–27°C. At high and low temperatures, there is low germination of seeds, poor plant growth, flower drop, poor fruit set and ripening. Under extreme high and low temperature conditions, the yield and quality of fruits is reduced. Mild winter condition in northern plains is ideal for seed germination, plant growth, fruit set, fruit development and ripening. Tomato is grown in varied types of soil-sandy loam to clay, black soil and red soil having proper drainage. However, sandy loam, rich in organic matter is ideal for its cultivation. The pH of soil should be 7–8.5. Tomato can tolerate moderate acidic and saline soils. In red and black soils of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, tomato hybrids are cultivated commercially.

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Tomato - BSS 908
Character / Variety BSS-908 Plant Type ..
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Tomato - Dhanraj
Character / Variety BSS-684 Dhanraj Plan..
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Tomato - Nayak
Character / Variety NAYAK (BSS-422) Plant..
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Tomato - TolstoiI
Character / Variety         TOLSTO..
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