During the growing period which extends over 4 months maximum temperature ranging from 20°–30°C and a minimum temperature not below 10°C is ideal. The fruit colour is affected at temperatures below 15°C. Chilli is grown in many types of soils-sandy to heavy clay. A well drained, fairly light fertile loam with a fair moisture holding capacity is ideal. The light soils produce better quality fruits than heavy soils. Chilli crop prefers a soil reaction ranging from pH 6–7.

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Chilly - Anmol 273
Character / Variety Anmol (BSS-273) Plant heigh..
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Chilly - BSS 1005
Character / Variety BSS -- 1005 Plant height ..
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Chilly - Disha (BSS-453)
Character / Variety Disha (BSS-453) Plant heigh..
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Chilly - Super Bullet
Character / Variety Super Bullet Plant height ..
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