Brinjal is susceptible to serve frost. A long and warm growing season with a mean temperature of 20°–30°C is most favourable for its successful production. In northern plains,it is adversely affected during December-February due to low night temperature. Well drained and fertile sandy loam soils with a pH of 5.5–5.6 are best suited for its cultivation. However, several cultivars are grown successfully under high pH level with a rich application of farmyard manure or green manuring practiced before transplanting.

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Brinjal - Bharni (BSS 623)
Characters / Variety BSS – 623 BHARANI 1st Pick..
Rs. 20.00
Brinjal - BSS 791
Characters / Variety BSS - 791 1st Picking ..
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Brinjal - BSS 982
Characters / Variety BSS - 982 1st Picking ..
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Brinjal - Darpan (BSS 430)
Characters / Variety DARPAN (Bss430) 1st Pickin..
Rs. 20.00
Brinjal - Janak
Characters / Variety         Janak..
Rs. 20.00