Health Benefits Of Chinese Cabbage

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Health Benefits Of Chinese Cabbage

Health Benefits Of Chinese Cabbage

Chinese cabbage or Brassica Rapa is a green leafy vegetable of Chinese origin. It is also known as bok choy or nappa cabbage and is widely used for culinary purposes. There is a great variety of Chinese cabbage available in the market. Some of them include tall bok choy, dwar fbok choy, extra dwarf bok choy, sweet bok choy, Taiwan bok choy, huo guo chai, joi chai, and so on. Whether you relish the raw leaves of the vegetable in an exotic salad or cook it completely to make a delicious veg dish, you can always enjoy its awesome benefits. Want to know how Chinese cabbage nutrition benefits can make you healthy and beautiful? Go through rest of the article:

Benefits of Chinese Cabbage / Bok Choy for Health:

1. Chinese cabbage is one of the most effective natural remedies for cancer. Being a cruciferous vegetable, it contains a fair amount of glucosinolates (Goitrogenic Glycosides) – an organic compound that fights against cancer. Brassinin, which is basically a phytoalexin and has excellent cancer-preventing properties, is also present in this plant. Apart from these two vital elements, Chinese cabbage is also loaded with the anti-oxidant beta-carotene. Studies have proved that it can reduce the chances of developing cancer along with healing the damages caused in our body by cancer cells.

2. Dietary fiber is essential for proper digestion of food and Chinese cabbage contains a lot of that. When you eat this veggi, you consume enough of this nutrient and develop bulk inside your digestive tract. It eventually accelerates your digestion by removing unnecessary materials from our body.

3. Including Chinese cabbage or bok choy in your diet can be extremely beneficial for your heart. It is because the vegetable is full of two most important minerals – calcium and potassium, which can regulate the blood pressure levels efficiently. The amount of sodium present in it is also quite low, which is good for maintaining the health of the cardiac system.

4. Potassium present in bok choy not only helps in treating hypertension, but it also takes part in keeping your blood sugar level under control. The mineral can also stimulate our mental well-being by relieving tension, stress and anxiety.

5. Chinese cabbage keeps your bones and teeth strong with the help of calcium and vitamin K present in it. Besides, calcium is good for upkeeping the standard functionalities of the muscles and nerves. Conversely, vitamin k can facilitate the clotting of blood, thereby preventing hemorrhage.

6. Like many other leafy green vegetables, Chinese cabbage is also rich in anti-oxidants. According to nutritionists, only one cup of this vegetable can satisfy almost 50% of the daily intake requirement of vitamin A and vitamin C. Both of these vitamins are crucial for curbing the adverse effects of free radicals on your body and keeping you free from a number of fatal diseases. In other words, you should have this vegetable regularly for conditioning the defense mechanisms of the body.

7. Vitamin A content of bok choy is also good for the health of your eyes. As said earlier, it holds ample beta-carotene, which is the pro-vitamin of vitamin A. It can prevent cataracts, loss of vision, macular degeneration, and so on.

8. It is a fabulous food for pregnant women. It has been seen that Chinese cabbage can meet the nutritional requirements of would-be mothers easily as it is high in folic acid. From providing nourishment to the fetus during pregnancy to promoting the production of milk during lactation, benefits of this vegetable is truly multifaceted.

9. When it comes to slimming down, you can certainly rely on bok choy. It is full of vital nutrients, loaded with dietary fibers and above all, significantly low in calorie. Hence, losing weight becomes easy and effortless with this veggi.

Benefits of Chinese Cabbage / Bok Choy for Skin:

10. The anti-oxidant vitamin C content of Chinese cabbage is highly effective in taking good care of your skin. The anti-oxidative properties save the skin cells from potential damages and keep it healthy for years.

11. Bok choy can help you stay away from a number of skin disorders, like blemishes, discoloration, spots, wrinkles etc. It is another outstanding skin benefit of the anti-oxidants present in the vegetable. Once you start eating it in a regular manner, your skin tone is improved and ageing process is delayed.

12. The antiseptic and antibacterial properties of Chinese cabbage assist in combating skin infections like rashes, acne, pimples, eczema, and so on. You can also cure skin allergies and make your skin soft and supple with the help of the juice extracted from this amazing vegetable.

13. People with dry skin can increase the amount of bok choy in their diet for getting great results. It contains around 95% of water, which keeps your skin moist and increases its elasticity.

Benefits of Chinese Cabbage / Bok Choy for Hair:

14. Both vitamin C and vitamin E present in Chinese cabbage are known to promote the growth of your hair and maintain its health.

15. Chinese cabbage is also considered as a rich source of iron, which helps in boosting the ferritin levels in your body and fighting against frequent hair fall.