Health Benefits of Endive

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Health Benefits of Endive

This one-calorie-a-leaf salad vegetable
has high content of vitamin A that
may help improve your eyesight.


Endive is a vegetable that looks very much like lettuce, except that it is curly. It is also known as escarole or chicory, and is very closely related to the dandelion plant.

The taste of this salad vegetable is a little bitter but it contains a particular compound that is tremendously helpful for our optic system.

Nutritional Benifits

Among all the green vegetables, endive is one of the richest source of vitamin A. It is also a good source of vitamin C, calcium, chlorine, iron, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur; and excellent provider of fiber and carotene.

With each leave containing only one calorie, endive is a delight to weight watchers.

Health Benifits

Endive juice cannot be drunk on its own because of its bitter taste. It is best mixed with other vegetable juices, making it extra effective in nourishment of the optic nerves and muscular system.

Acne: Regularly drinking endive juice with other juices helps to clean up skin problems like acne.

Asthma: Drink mixed juice containing endive, carrot and celery for best help in reducing asthma attacks.

Anemia: Endive with celery and parsley juice do wonders for people who are anemic as this combination acts as a powerful blood tonic.

Cancer: Its excellent source of vitamin A makes it a wonderful prevention of cancers of the rectum, melanoma and bladder.

Constipation: The necessary nutrients and fiber in this green salad vegetable helps relieve constipation. Mix with other apple or carrot juice.

Eye problems: For degenerating eye problems (cataract, glaucoma, macular degeneration, etc.), drink endive juice with carrot, celery, parsley and spinach. Drink regularly, about 180 ml (6 oz) of this mixed juice and you will literally see an improvement in a few months. No need for surgery!

Liver and gall bladder: Mix endive with any of your other favorite juices for that extra cleansing as it effectively helps promote the secretion of bile.

Weight loss: Its low calorie makes this salad an excellent food. Juice it or just eat it raw, frequently, for that extra help with your weight-loss program

Consumption Tips

Wash endive leaves thoroughly under running water to remove sand or dirt, especially if not organically grown. If necessary, soak in water with a small cap of cider vinegar and half a teaspoonful of salt to de-pesticide.

Endive leaves when cut, turns brown and loses its nutrients quickly, so cut just before consumption to keep them looking and tasting good.